Panasonic Pro AG-HMC150 Camcorder Review

When Panasonic's AG-HMC150 appeared, photographers were immediately attracted to it. In one relatively compact package, one not only had a complete videography system that set a standard at the time and which has been continuously upgraded ever since.For example, the HMC150 features a 28 mm wide-angle lens right from the box, however, the 13 X zoom feature offers not only a macro mode - most zoom lenses do - but when you use it you find the lens is the equivalent of a 35 mm lens. The 13 X zoom gives you a range of 35 mm to 455 mm that gives this 10-pound professional-grade camera the ability to shoot super closeups, but also long shots when you need it.With its 21 Mbps recording mode, the HMC150 also offers you the ability to take very fast clean images as in many modes as it a professional camera available with a 1/3-inch 3CCD imaging processing mode available. It also operates at either 30 fps for standard video or 24 fps for cinema-like quality. Its versatility enables you to shoot a car race, for example, from a tight corner shot most of the way down the track until you just run out of lens. Further, the HMC150 shoots in six high-definition modes.The modes include 1080 by 60i, 1080 by 30p, native 1080 by 24p, 720 by 60p, 720 by30p and native 720 by 24p. With this range of speeds available, you can satisfy any production needs you might have, whether you are shooting a high-speed set of high-definition images right down to a slower set of sharp images. It does give the HMC150 added flexibility.And, in an incredibly professional move, you have access to a waveform monitor and a vectorscope so you can be sure your images are always in sharp focus. Each mode gives you a backup method of focusing your images so you can be sure you are getting top work.Depending on the type of work you are doing, you have a full range of outputs available including HDMI, mini-HDMI (for high-speed, high-definition), plus component and composite video as well as USB. This enhances the flexibility of the HMC150 as does the standard external 3.5-inch LCD imaging display that allows you to fully precrop your images so that when it comes time to put the video on the air or on your system, you will just need the converter cable.Offering the latest in video technology, the HMC150 offers AVC High Profile mode so that you can use SD memory-stored imagery directly with an external device. Further, the HMC150 not only offers you up to 11 customizable shooter settings, but it also uses Dynamic Range Stretch so that you can shoot from low-light to bright light.One would think that a camera that was introduced 10 years ago would have aged, however, the engineering crew at Panasonic has kept the HMC150 up with and has, in some cases, surpassed the competition with its six speed modes and its high-definition capability. This is the type of camera that's great on the market because it offers you the chance to have great features right from the start or you can probably have your existing camera upgraded with some of the newer features (you'll have to check with the manufacturer for that, though).

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