How to secure your Data in iPhone

If you were in grade school in the mid 1990’s, itwouldn’t be hard for you to remember how popular MAC computers were back then.MAC computers were well preferred over Microsoft windows based software, becauseof their user-friendly operating system. However, in the late 1990’s windows PCbecame more popular than the MAC. Nevertheless, when Apple announced therelease of the iPhone, people had high expectations; the iPhone was a newrevolution that had re-defined the standards of how a cell phone should be, infact it became so popular that Apple has sold over 100 million phones since itslaunch in 2007. So how did the iPhone become so popular? First of all, don’tforget that the iPhone is manufactured by Apple Inc. Apple has managed toestablished an excellent reputation over the past decade, because Apple had ahistory of being able to deliver what the average consumer is looking for.Second reason: Steve Jobs was an icon for many people; time after time, Jobshad been rated the best CEO in the technology industry and met the expectationsof his followers by delivering innovative products. Third Reason: touchscreens; although touch screen technology was already in the market, it waspathetic. Apple managed to perfect this technology and utilize it in its iPhone.The result, a touch screen phone that feels so natural, people immediatelybecame use to the idea of using it. Third reason: elimination of the physicalkeyboard; Jobs held the belief that keyboards are relics and the future lies intouch technology, as a result, Jobs took the gamble of eliminating the physicalkeyboard from the iPhone and it paid off.Even today the iPhone is at the top, despite thefact that Apple’s competitors are coming out with cheaper alternatives, similarto the iPhone, such as Android and Windows phones. Nonetheless, like all othermobile devices, iPhones do not have built in file security software which meansthat your personal files and images can be accessed by anyone who has physicalaccess to your iPhone. Imagine if your iPhone gets lost and you had storedpersonal information such as credit card numbers on your iPhone, to add insultto injury, an identity thieve discovers your phone. He takes your phone homeand starts searching for personal information on you. He finds your detailedcredit card information stored on your iPhone, naturally, he charges upthousands of dollars, until it’s too late. Right about now, you’ll be tellingyourself, that’s never going to happen with me; conversely, you couldn’t bemore wrong. The question is not if you will become victim of ID theft, it’s aquestion of when and where. Now might be shaking in your boots just thinkingabout what can happen with your personal information and might be contemplatingthe idea of deleting your personal information before something bad happens toyou. Stop. There is a solution that enables you to protect your personal fileson your iPhone; you can lock files in iPhone using file security software such as Folder Lock for iPhone. It isalso one of the most trusted file security products on the market according toreviews and consumer feedback. You can download Folder Lock simply by searchingfor it on Google.  

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