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Moving - Top Tips for Staying Sane

If you will be moving in the near future, consider these five tips for keeping the process as stress-free as is realistically possible. Moving can be one of the most stressful events in your lifetime. The key to staying sane throughout the process is being well prepared. These tips will help you prepare long before the big day arrives. Tip 1 - Get That Sharpie ReadyHave your permanent marker out and ready to be used. Keep pads of paper handy to help you make lists of things you need to do, but use that permanent marker to clearly label every single box. Consider labeling it with the room and a detailed bit of information about what’s inside. For instance, you can put “Pots and pans from kitchen” in place of “dishes.” This will help you when you are in your new home, because you will not be spending hours looking for your frying pan in all of the “dishes” boxes as you prepare to cook your first meal. Tip 2 – Get More BoxesIf you think you have enough boxes, you probably don’t. If you will be buying your boxes, consider asking your moving company their policy on unused boxes. Many of them will issue a refund if you do not use all of your boxes. This allows you to get as many as you want without worrying about losing money on unused boxes. If you are getting boxes from other sources, like your grocery store or friends and family members, then just get as many as you can, because you can simply recycle the ones you don’t use. You will need about 10 boxes to use on the day of your move for those last minute items, like your bedding, that you simply cannot pack ahead. Other supplies you will need include bubble wrap or unprinted newspapers, packing tape, and permanent markers. Tip 3 – Use ColorsBuy a package of colored stickers, like those used to price items for garage sales. Assign a color to each room, and write down a key to help you remember. Then, place one or two of the stickers on each box near the label. The color should coordinate with the room where you want the item to be placed in your new home. You can then place a sticker on the door to that room in the new home, and your moving company will know exactly where to put each box, without having to read its label. This saves time, which may even save you money. Tip 5 – Monitor “Parts”There are two ways to deal with the various “parts” you will find as you move, such as the screws used to put together large pieces of furniture. Start by placing all of the parts for a particular item in a zip-top bag, labeling it with the item it belongs to. Then, you can either place these in a box labeled “Parts,” or you can tape them directly to the underside of the item they belong to. If you use the box, make sure the moving company puts that box in a spot you can easily find it. The goal is to be able to find those parts quickly when you are putting together your furniture in your new place.

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