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Buying Used Wedding Dresses: Classic Styles and Designs

While some brides want the ultra chic, absolutely latest in bridal gowns off the runway, other brides want a more traditional or classic look. Used wedding dresses that have only been worn once and were carefully cleaned and stored can be a terrific way to find a classic style of dress without having to pay the huge price of a brand new gown. Classical styles of wedding dresses, or even an antique styles of dresses, are wonderful ideas for many different wedding themes and certainly deserves a bit of consideration. There are some very specific terms used in describing the style of a used wedding gown as well as those that are hot off the latest fashion magazine. These terms define the shape or silhouette, the sleeve style, bodice, neckline and train. Understanding the terms will help you in choosing your classic or traditional gown or staying with a more modern or trendy variation. The silhouette is important as this is the shape or structure of the gown. Typically, classic used wedding gowns will offer as many options as the very modern varieties; however, some of the extreme silhouettes may not be common in the classical styles. Very popular silhouettes include the empire, which is a slimming skirt on a high waistline, giving an appearance of height to shorter brides. A ball gown style of silhouette has a fitted waist and a very full skirt, similar to that of a fairytale princess. The ball gown style of wedding dress is truly a classic, but equally beautiful is the sheath style that creates a gently fitting look down the entire length of the body. The trumpet or mermaid style of silhouette is fitted to about the knees then flairs out, creating movement when the bride walks and turns. Sleeves on used wedding gowns can very from the very classical sleeveless option to full long sleeves. One of the determining factors of the sleeve length on a wedding dress is often the time of year of the wedding and the dress designs of the bridesmaids. Off the shoulder, full length, cap or three-quarter length sleeves give a dramatic appearance while also adding comfort to a bride that doesn’t want to go with a full sleeveless gown. Cap sleeves give a bit of cover to the shoulders while a T-sleeve is longer, more like that on a woman's t-shirt. Either can be prefect for a spring or autumn wedding or to create a more balanced appearance with the bridesmaid's gowns if they have sleeves. Deciding on the bodice, or the part of the dress that covers the torso, really gives a lot of options in both classical used wedding dresses and fully modern designs. Fitted bodices are always popular, giving a wonderful shape to the bride and drawing the eye to her face and shoulders. The bodice can fasten at the back with corset or lacings and can be very sexy yet also very classical and elegant. Often corset or lacing bodices are strapless and sleeveless but tank top or halter styles are also possible. Additionally, spaghetti straps, criss-cross and empire style bodices are popular on wedding gowns. The bodice also includes the neckline, which needs to be considered as it adds to the overall effect of the dress based on each bride's particular body shape and face shape. Finally, used wedding dresses can have a train or they can be simple and elegant without this added fabric. Trains can be very short and just barely touching the ground or they can be cathedral or royal trains that will extend up to 10 feet behind the bride. Choosing the style of train is important as they definitely do make a dramatic fashion statement as you are walking down the aisle.

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