Kobian iXA Tab Price in India, Kobian iXA Tab Features 3G for connectivity and internet

Kobian has successful launched its mid price tabs in Indian market and now has shifted its focus to low cost tab expecting similar success rate. Kobian iXA Tab price at Rs.3,999 for retail stores is one of the best in the market. There are very selected tabs which outperform Kobian iXA Tab in price as well features as a package. Kobian iXA Tab specifications and features include 3G for connectivity, inbuilt RAM of 512MB for good speed and multiple call functions.Kobian iXA Tab price has been kept low to ensure its affordabilty to average students across different cities in India. Kobian iXA Tab features 512MB RAM which is though standard in high end tablets but difficult to expect in low cost tabs. With this RAM, customers can expect good level of performance even on heavy applications including when you are undertaking multi tasking. Also this will enable smooth streaming of videos while at the same time working on other functions.Kobian iXA Tab features 3G for connectivity which is rare to see among other low cost tabs in this price range. With 3G, customers will get access to next generation of services which have remarkable improvement in data download, video playing and quality of video chat with near and dear ones. Also it will add signifcantly to productivity which is much needed by professionals as well as students. This will make Kobian iXA Tab popular among its target users for both personal as well as professional reasons.Kobian iXA Tab specifications include different call functions like call foward in case you are busy on another call, speed dial for fast dialing to contacts in special list, call history to show recent dialled no. received calls and also missed calls. With these applications, Kobian iXA Tab will offer end to end solution for managing your calls. For SMS, it allows drafting of messages, saving of sent text messages. Also there is time filter which can be set to automatically delete all old message which have been received before a set date.After a critical analysis of its different features and specifications, Kobian iXA Tab price seems highly justified. Also once it is listed on online stores, interested customers can expect more free offers along with this tab. In standard situation, all products including Kobian iXA Tab comes with one year free warranty which will ensure users can work care free for first 12 months after purchase.

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