Outsourcing your IT Infrastructure

Choosing a colocation provider is a difficult task,especially since there are numerous providers out there. However, there aresome factors that can help companies in making the right decision. Continuous ServerUptime Colocation providers have to guarantee server access at alltimes. Even a single glitch in server uptime cannot only be costly for clientsbut also for a colocation provider. Downtime results in loss of revenue, lossof customers and even loss of reputation.There are a few methods that colocation providers employ inorder to guarantee continuous server uptime. For connection, they use severaldifferent Internet providers and network connections. This ensures that even ifone connection goes down, there is one that can immediately back it up. Also, servers are regularly updated with latestconfiguration settings as well as firmware. A colocation provider has to havean experienced team of technicians to perform such tasks. Any glitches withinthe server software upgrade can lead to a system crash. Impeccable PowerManagementServers are the backbone of any colocation center. Clientsexpect continuous access to their servers and data. In order to provide suchaccess, colocation centers have to be connected to a power source that isavailable at all times. However, national grids can suffer from outages andbreakdowns.Colocation centers cater to commercial outages viaindependent substations, as well as UPS units and backup generators. UPS unitsare able to counter spikes and surges within a power grid. Spikes and surgescan damage equipment. Backup generators have the ability to provide power forabout several days in a stretch. This usually is plenty of time for the powergrid to return to function.Fire Detection andSuppression SystemsServers produce a lot of heat while they are in operation.That is why server rooms within a colocation center must have astate-of-the-art fire detection and suppression unit. The best colocationcenters make use of the FM-200, which has the best detection and suppressiontechnology. Technical SupportColocation providers also employ highly trained professionalsthat are well versed in dealing with IT issues. They are capable of installingas well as repairing equipment. Technical expertise includes troubleshootingsystem failures and network problems. Such a staff is available 24/7/365.Therefore, any issues that occur are handled instantaneously. Colocation centers are regarded as being a smart alternativeto in-house data centers. They represent a highly cost effective approach tooutsourcing a company’s IT infrastructure.

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