Sony HDR-TD10 High Definition 3D Handycam Camcorder

When Sony introduced its HDR-TD10 to the photography world most people were startled to find that instead of having one lens at the front of the standard Sony-style handycam, there were two lenses, roughly 31 mm apart.Why, many people wondered at the time, would Sony take its most popular consumer handycam and add what looked - at the time - like a vestigial (something that is on a device with nothing to do) lens and then turn it loose on an unsuspecting public saying that they could take 3D videos with the handycam that didn't require special glasses to view? Also, the video did not require and special preparation. It was shot in native high-definition mode (1920 by 1080). The HDR-TD10 can shoot stills at 7.1MP (pretty good for a video handycam) and it will deliver high-quality video in 2D mode with the flip of a button.In other words, Sony has done everything right with this handycam.It's interesting to note the number of doubters out there who still believe you cannot shoot 3D video and without needing special glasses (whether active or passive), but the HDR-TD1 can do it. We don't know if they still sell the old "Viewmaster" toy - it is, after all a non-video, non-electronic device that requires specialized wheels - however, if you find one at a yard sale of flea market and the price is right (a dollar or two) - buy it and then take a look at exactly why the HDR-TD10 works.Normal binocular vision - the kind that humans and cats have - puts the eyes at lightly different positions on your head and each one sees a slightly different angle of the same image. That gives us natural 3D vision that we don't think anything about. It just works.Now, take the HDR-TD10 and put two 10X zoom lenses about 31mm apart and guess what? You have the "Viewmaster" concept all over again. Because each lens sees the image from a slightly different angle, you can have instant 3D right in your hands. If you want 2D imagery with TruBlack technology (one of Sony's patented features that enhanced contrast and gives you great color contrast and brilliant colors, at the same time), you can have it by pushing the 2D button, but we're willing to bet that you keep the HDR-TD10 and its 28mm lens (effectively 280 on zoom) in 3D so that you can have natural views of the world around you.The HDR-TD10 also proves that the naysayers are wrong, you can have 3D systems that work particularly well in handheld mode. Part of the secret, aside from the great optics, is the EXMor R image processor. Each lens - that's right each lens - has its own processor and will process the video it is seeing independently of the other lens, much like the way your eyes work.Sony has done a great job with this handycam and the surprising thing is that, unless you know that it is a 3D handycam, you think it is just another Sony handycam device, however, when you look at the front end and see two lenses staring back at you, you know that you have something different on your hands that works very well. So, who needs special 3D glasses if you have the HDR-TD10? You won't and we won't certainly and we have no problem with that.

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