Choose AppShikra to Spread Business on Mobile

p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; } The mobile phones have become the best companion for many which is very handy as well as flexible to get the required information at anytime from anywhere. This has resulted in the development of many mobile applications suitable for the smartphones for different purpose. AppShikra is one of the best mobile apps for business that is available in the market suitable for both Android and iPhone platform. The appShikra allows to publish the business information on the mobile platform with easy few steps. One can design the display of the application theme and enter the relevant business contents to publish it readily under the appropriate category chosen from the list. The appShikra also allows to upload product photos and videos into the gallery. These collection of photos can act like a product catalog for the customers to browse on the mobile phone. The app acts like a bridge between the company and the clients to keep a constant touch with business-related activities. The appShikra has all the needed features to make the business process ongoing in the mobile platform. There are options available for the customers to contact back the company via various medium like phone, SMS, and email with one-click. The customers can also locate the business on the mobile map with clear geographical location and address. The people will be aware of the business as the mobile phone is a preferred choice of many for shopping now-a-days. The appShikra app can make any business popular with brand establishment. The most advantageous feature of appShikra is that it allows the users to access the social media like Facebook and Twitter to recommend the products or services. Thus, appShikra is a wonderful Android apps for business which can spread the business activities like sales and distribution. AppShikra is also an iPhone apps for business to announce the offers, discounts, and loyalty program. This marketing campaign of the company is cost effective since the appShikra is available for SaaS based access to pay only for the used hours to build the business app. The appShikra can prove to be very beneficial for all business including real estate, hotels, etc. The real estate people can increase the property views on the mobile with flexible option to locate the property on the map. Similarly, the hotel or restaurant business can be promoted over the smartphone by providing all the details of room availability, suites, leisures, food etc for the customers who can find the hotel using geo-location option. Undoubtedly, the appShikra business app from NDOT Technologies can assist the business people to spread their business across the smartphone.

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