Top six disadvantages of a Bluetooth headset as compared to the wired headsets

Every scientific invention has brought a bag of disadvantages along with the advantages with it and unfortunately, Bluetooth headset has not been an exception. Like all other technologies, ranging from weapons to mobile phones, these headsets bring along their disadvantages too. Internet is full of articles that discuss its number advantages but those who have bought it have complained to experience its disadvantages. As you all have already guessed, we will be discussing the disadvantages of Bluetooth headset in this article.Many people argue that new is always better but there are some who have always preferred the older things. There are some people who say that Bluetooth headset is nothing but a useless wireless invention. Below are six main reasons why they say so:1.      Many people find it too expensive compared to the old wired headset which are 10 times less expensive. They say that putting money into it is just like wasting your precious dollars. Why buy something expensive when the same work is being done in less cost?2.      Its timber is low and people who like listening to music do not like it. They say that their experience of listening music through it hasn’t proved to be good.3.      The sound coming from it in most cases is mono output and people do not seem to like it. Especially those who have hearing difficulties say that mono output is very uncomfortable for them and they find the voice unclear. While this is not the case with the tradition wired headphones. They provide dual output and so many people prefer it over Bluetooth headset.4.      However, the most irritating thing about a Bluetooth headset is its requirement to stay in range. Usually the range is of 100 meters and this means, you cannot move around much without your cell phone.5.      Some even complain that if you move your head while talking to somebody (the jerking movement especially), the connection will be disrupted and so will the voice quality. People especially dislike this because they cannot move freely during a call and it becomes really irritating if the call is long. While with wired headphones, there is no such restriction.6.      Many of them are quite uncomfortable to wear, especially for a long period of time while wired headsets are comparatively more comfortable. Despite all these disadvantages, there are many people who have found it useful in many ways and prefer to give priority to its advantages rather than the disadvantages.

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