Designing a website is all about great combination ofcreativity and artistry in collaboration with cutting edge technologies. Websitedesign is not kid’s play and may require one to have ability to thinkbeyond the imagination and to catch the nerves of the users and theirexpectations.                 If youare developing a website or in search of professionals to update your existingwebsite design, then it is best option to hire Dedicated Website Designer.Millions of web designers are available claiming to have world class knowledgeand skills, then how you decide which one is better than other and which one tochoose from?                Well,just go through the list elaborated below when you plan to hire websitedesigner or hire web designing team for your designing aspects.·        Consider experience, but don’t totally relyon it! If you ask someone that you are planning to hire website designer , they will suggest you to give priority tothe experienced one rather than fresher. Well, all have their own beliefs. But,I personally don’t feel that experienced designers are always fruitful and creative.Designing a website is all about creativity, and many times it happens thatexperienced designers often have poor creativity whereas new designers oftenhave great designing skills and imagination power. So, consider experience butdon’t judge someone on the basis of that. ·        Where experience is not so crucial, webdesigners work portfolio is! On paper description of the work they havedone in so and so websites is not important; always ask them to give you livewebsites on which they have worked rather than seeing dead description of whatthey did. By doing so, you will get idea about how actually their designedwebsites looks and how it works.  ·        Know their technical expertise and designingskills! Based on your website requirements, try to know what web designershave to offer you. Generally, professional website designers should havecrystal clear fundamentals of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery, AJAX, Web Design2.0, Flash, Flex, ActionScript etc. and various editing and designing toolslike Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, and Macromedia etc. In addition, if they havelittle bit of programming knowledge, SEO and content writing than it would bebonus! ·        How much they will charge you? Working withsomeone giving everything at the cost of nothing results into crowded websitedesign. Just get in-depth about services designer offers within quoted priceand also compare price quotes from different designers.  ·        Apart from all these, just get to know theircommunication skills, contract terms & conditions and ask for their pastclients and get their reviews as well. That’s it from my end! Always follow above givenguidelines while you hire Dedicated Website Designer. Best of luck!

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