Nikon COOLPIX L810 16.1 MP Digital 26x Zoom

There are times when professional photographers do not want to drag out the whole office just to take the family to the beach and instead they would like a camera that offers them many of the features they are used to in their professional digital single lens reflex cameras and here is a good compromise.This is probably the reason why the Nikon COOLPIX L810 is so popular not only with advanced amateurs, but also with working professional photographers. The L810 is loaded with features that allow the pro to take a "busman's holiday" by allowing the photographer to tote along a camera that looks like it is a piece of working gear, all the while the photographer watches the high-resolution, three-inch framing screen on the rear just concentrating on the exact shot and when it's ready, just squeezing the photo button and the camera takes very good image.Enhancing that image is a 26X zoom Nikkor glass lens that brings with it Nikon's standards for chroma, spherical aberration, bounce and reflectivity. Those standards set a near 0 tolerance for any lens issues so that the photographer, whether advanced or a pro, can be sure that even at its 26X setting, the L810 returns very good imagery.Indeed, the range of the L810 is amazing. At its shortest range, 22.5 mm, the imagery that you see is excellent and even when you run it out to its furthest point, effectively 585 mm, the excellence continues as the autostabilization circuitry takes over to keep any camera shake or wobble out of the image.For many photographers, in fact, the L810 can be the one image-maker that will cause the good old dSLR with its heavy lenses and bulky body to become items that are likely to remain at the bottom of a gadget bag, unless, of course, the professional is on assignment and multiple lenses may be needed or ultra-long lenses may be the order of the day and then the only way that can be handled is with a dSLR. For the most part, though, the lineup of features in the L810 should handle any situation a photographer may find. For example, let's say you are photographing a barbecue and the lighting is somewhat troublesome, there are automatic modes that will mix-and-match themselves until your image is just as you'd like it.If the image contains family members or friends, you have an Smart Photo Mode available that allows the L810 to recognize when it is taking facial photos and not only does it soften the lighting so that the faces are enhanced, the mode includes a "blink" mode that should let you know if a subject has or is about to blink and then the software waits just a little and when it thinks the blink may be gone, the image is snapped. The same is true of a smile and the same software anticipates the time it takes for a smile to appear and it usually is right.The L810, which does look like a professional camera, although it is on the smallish side at 6 by 5.7 by 6 inches, and weighs in at two pounds is a real lightweight for all of the work it can do.For example, although there is 50 MB of internal memory installed, you can install a 16 GB SDHC memory card that will allow you to take extended high-definition videos as the L810 operates at high-definition mode of 720 p. Because it has an HDMI interface, you can watch your video directly on a high-definition monitor. Interestingly, there is a also a 3D mode that allows you to hook the L810 to your monitor through the HDMI adapter cable and you can take 3D imagery.The image is framed in an ultra high-definition LCD module that has a resolution of more than 910,000 pixels. As for automation, the L810 can handle images in Sepia, Black and White and Cyanotype.The L810 operates in KISS mode or Keep It Simple and Shoot and as such automates such functions as Portrait, Night Portrait, Landscape, Night Landscape and Closeup. When in its automatic mode, the L810 recognizes it is an automated mode and automatically configures the Nikon for best performance.The L810 is the one camera to carry if you have to choose one from your gadget bag. It is exactly what the photographer ordered.

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