Klipsch Quintet 5.0 Speaker System

Continuing a tradition of providing fine sound that began more than 60 years ago, the latest generation Klipsch surround sound is available with some very impressive statistics that will keep even the pickiest HDTV user happy.Of course, when Klipsch debuted its first upgraded speaker system in 1946, they were a far cry from the Klipsch QUINTEST 5.0 Speaker System that first made its appearance in the late 1990s. At that time, the two biggest features were rare earth magnets for ear-splitting range and the first use of plastic speakers, polyurethane to be exact.Today, Klipsch is in the fourth generation of its surround sound home theater system and it provides the user with excellent home theater sound from speakers that may surprise you. For example, the average polyurethane speaker that Klipsch now uses is three inches wide by about four inches deep. One would never have thought that one could get the kind of range from a speaker system with relatively tiny speakers like these, but you can.The bases, by the way, serve as either table or wall mounts with the right hardware.The way Klipsch is able to accomplish this is amazing. With the center channel, there are a total of five other speakers. The left-hand set of speakers will serve as the full left-hand sound source, while the right-hand set of speakers serves as the right-hand sound sources. The center channel ties the center speakers together to allow you full surround sound.If you look at the rear of each set of speakers, you should notice something interesting. Rather than just relaying on 18-gauge wire connectors (two and two, probably that are little more than spring-loaded teeth), you will find a rear end that can handle heavy gauge wire and either spade connectors or banana plugs. This means that you will have access to all of the power that each channel of the Class D digital amplifier (75 watts) that is provided by the optional SW-350, an optional 8-inch polypropylene speaker with very little cross-talk. Indeed with the SW-350 installed you have range that any Home Entertainment system can deliver, 120 Hz to 23,000 Hz.It is is truly amazing just how Klipsch has been able to squeeze so much sound out of so little space, especially when the space also contains your Home Entertainment system pieces that might include a satellite receiver, high-end flat screen monitor, running at native mode 1080 p, blu-ray player, DVD player and more.Klipsch calls its revolutionary and evolution changes the XT horn and after listening to the system we have to believe them on both counts. The right-hand and left-hand speakers provide sparkling highs and mid ranges - not bad for a 3-inch plastic speaker - while the SX-350 gives you a bass range of sound that enriches any audio source.Altogether, Klipsch has done it again and they have done it in the same form and packaging which, if anything, seems to have become smaller in the 15 years since they made their debut.

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