The main purpose of the boron compounds

Aspects of the building materials industry, glass industry is the largest user of the Borax. By adding a certain amount of borax glass production can enhance the thermal stability of the glass, increases the UV transmission rate and improve the mechanical properties of the transparency and impact resistance of glass. In recent years, the boric acid is also used extensively for the manufacture of glass fiber, glass fiber is not only an important raw material for the production of glass fiber reinforced plastic, but also new materials of construction, mechanical and system naphthalene industry. Borax as a catalyst can be used in the ceramic industry. Borax preservatives, additives of high temperature crucible, paint production. Light industries, borax is an important raw material for the production of ceramic products, it can enhance the firmness and gloss of the enamel products, increase the heat resistance of enamel, and greatly increase its coefficient of expansion. In printing and dyeing industry, the borax is often used scouring agent, used to remove the natural cotton fiber contained in the oil, wax and pigment, and the original fabric has a bleaching effect is conducive to stain. Borides in the paper industry is a new paper coating, which can increase the luster and fire performance of the paper and used as the agent of the mercury in the paper industry wastewater treatment. Some boron compounds can also be made of fire retardant, fire retardant paint, paint desiccant, anti-rust paint. In the metallurgical industry borides can be made of boron steel and special steel, the type of steel has high strength and corrosion resistance and heat resistance and other excellent performance, high-quality steel for the manufacture of jet engines and other major components. Add a little boron, aluminum, molybdenum, nickel and other metals can improve the mechanical properties of these metals. Boron is cast magnesium and its alloys, anti-oxidants. Iron, boron, silicon, amorphous metal is a high-tech materials, and use it as a transformer core, instead of silicon steel sheet, saving 3/4. In the machinery industry, boron is used as the grinding of carbide, precious stones and other hard materials, grinding, drilling and polishing by metal powder suppliers. Boronizing is a new process in the machining industry, it can improve parts of the surface hardness and wear resistance, oxidation resistance. In the chemical industry, borax, boric acid can be used as soap, detergents and other household chemical additives. The boron-containing detergent to protect the hair, strong detergency, no pollution performance. Some borides also made a good reducing agent, catalyst, brominated agents. In the electronics industry, in the boron series of compounds, some borides insulation materials, and some borides is a good conductive material, with characteristics of the semiconductor, and electron emission and other properties can be used to manufacture a variety of electronic , the device used as a pole, telecommunications equipment, capacitors, semiconductors admixture, high-voltage high-frequency electric and the insulator of the plasma arc, the radar of the transfer window and other ignition ignitron. In the atomic energy industry and defense industry, boron has a significant absorption of the neutron can be used as the material of the reactor control rods in atomic reactors and atomic structure. Boron carbide has a high melting point, the compressive strength, radiation and anti-chemical corrosion, therefore, it is aviation and armored ideal protective material. Boron compounds are manufacturing rocket nozzles, burning the interior fittings and jet engine parts. Boron hydride is commonly used in liquid rocket propellant combustion agent.Source:

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